About Barb

No matter what the occasion, Barb applies just the right touch to make it fun, yet sophisticated. 

There may be many things to differentiate between DJs, but one of the biggest is the personality…and Barb has a great one! Every party needs a different amount of interjection, and she knows how to read the crowd and make them feel at ease. Playing the right song at the right time is an art, a skill that Barb applies seemingly effortlessly from her unlimited music collection. She is energetic, but not overwhelming. Remember – the party is about you and your guests, not the DJ.

A collaborative effort is essential. When you meet with Barb, she listens for your ideas, works to understand your needs, as well as offers advice and guidance to you so that together you both create a memorable and enjoyable day. Barb works closely with the catering staff, photographer, and other event personnel to coordinate events. She is a well-polished, poised mistress of ceremonies…she keeps things moving at a smooth pace, and gives you peace of mind.